2017 Halloween Block Party


It is almost time to rock the block in the Highland Park of Dublin!

From 5 – 9pm, we will be giving out hotdogs/popcorn/drinks as well as providing a craft table for the kiddos…and of course we aren’t forgetting the candy!  You may even see some of our Northstar folks dressed up as their favorite Disney character.

Our Halloween block party has become a local tradition, but the vision behind why we do it goes much deeper than simply dressing up & giving out candy.

As part of our vision to Be The Church, our block party serves as a way for the folks of Northstar to see how simple it is to invest in and love our neighbors.  Although we tend to go a little overboard by showing cartoons, having a craft table, and giving out hotdogs, the primary ingredient is intentionality.

The original vision for our block party came from a blog entry you can read HERE. We hope to see you on Oct 31 in Highland Park!