8.29.15 Guns & Arrows


guns and arrows framedIf you like shooting stuff (& you are older than 10 yrs old), then you’ll need to make plans to come Saturday August 29 to the Guthrie Farm at 6626 Aaron Lane in Dublin.  It is a bring your own guns & ammo kind of event, but if you don’t have your own,  just be sure to bring some cash to chip in for the supplies.

We will check weapons in beginning at 9:00am with a mandatory safety briefing starting at 9:30am.  If you are planning to shoot any weapon, you need to be present for the safety briefing (regardless of your skill).

We will provide clay pigeons for shot guns as wells as paper targets for handguns & rifles.  If you have targets for bows, please bring them if possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave at dave@northstarpulaski.org (or call 540.449.5800).