Claytor Lake Ness Monster


Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a rapidly growing sport for exercise enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike to combine running with climbing, crawling, hauling, and racing.  The Claytor Lake Ness Monster is a miniature version of the more popular Spartan and Tough Mudder races.  It is only approximately 3-4 miles long and stretches throughout the State Park area.

Enough folks from Northstar have expressed an interest, we are putting together a men’s, women’s, and youth team for the even on Saturday April 29 (9-12).  If you register with our team it will be half the cost ($15 each) and you will receive a Claytor Lake Ness Monster T-shirt and medal upon completion.

Completion is the primary goal.  For those who want to push themselves and race for time, feel free, but the purpose for our Northstar team is provide a chance to do something challenging and fun while in community!  We will ensure everyone who has the desire finishes the course!

If you would like to participate with our team, please RSVP and pay your $15 no later than Sunday April 2.  We will be making our own custom Northstar shirts for our team to wear before race day.

Check out the Facebook page for more event info:

Contact Dave for other questions.