DISCIPLINE: a Northstar Sermon Series

Dave Farris News, Sermon Series

Discipline may be a fruit of the Spirit, but for many of us it sits at the bottom of our list of strengths (similar to the fruit of patience).

In November, we will kick off a three week mini series on various aspects of discipline:

November 4 — Church Discipline: regardless of how we view the topic of discipline, when we gain a proper biblical understanding of church discipline, we quickly realize the purpose is to help us in our pursuit of becoming more like Christ

November 11 — Self Discipline: this is probably not what you think.  This week we will focus on the discipline of giving of self, especially when it comes to time, money, spiritual gifts, and other resources.

November 18 — we will take a break from our Disciplines series to focus on Missions Sunday

November 25 — Spiritual Disciplines:  in our final week we will spend time unpacking a part of our spiritual journey that is often overlooked and under-preached in the American church.

We hope and pray this series will encourage and equip you to be more disciplined in your obedience and submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at office@northstarpulaski.org.