Discovery Bible Study

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Discovery Bible Study (or DBS) is one of many tools we use to cultivate our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We use it to help equip people who want to learn who Jesus is, for people who have already decided to follow Jesus, for the training of leaders, and also for personal Bible study.


We believe God’s Word and God’s Spirit together are powerful enough to transform us into authentic and intentional disciples. DBS is not about learning a lesson, but discovering who Jesus is, recognizing on a personal level what God asks of us, and how we can begin to live life on mission for Christ.  In a DBS group setting, the leader is not the teacher, but only the person who leads by asking questions, which is often how Jesus taught His disciples and the crowds.


  • We process a specified Bible passage by reading it, rereading it, and then retelling it
  • Then we process the passage with questions that relate specifically to it
    • What does this passage say about God?
    • What does this passage say about people/humanity?
    • What does this passage say about living to please God?
    • In light of what we now know about this passage, what is God calling you to do this week?
    • How will I live this out loud this week?
    • Who needs to hear this (content or D.B.S. method)?
  • When the group meets the following week, part of the initial discussion will focus on holding everyone accountable to what they had committed to the previous week


DBS is a great way to dig into the Word of God, whether it is by yourself or in a group. Although it may appear to be too simple, once your group gets used to the rhythm of processing the context of Scripture, it really can be life changing.