…on Sunday mornings


Obviously, our BE THE CHURCH vision is important outside the walls of our Sunday worship gatherings, but it is also important inside the walls each week.  Our leadership philosophy at Northstar is to replace yourself.  We realize it is not about us, so in every area of ministry we want to recruit, equip, & train folks to help expand our opportunities to do ministry with excellence & joy.  This means we always need more people to get involved.

We understand you may want to get an idea of what you are committing to before making a decision.  For  more information about any of the following Church Teams, contact the appropriate leader:

SETUP & TEAR DOWN TEAM – We are a mobile church, and therefore always need an army of folks willing to either arrive early or remain after service to setup and tear down.

—-> To learn more contact: Yancey or Nikki Lockhart

CHILDREN’S TEAM – Whether you have kids and/or are interested in helping to lead them, we are always looking for folks to invest in our children on Sunday mornings!  We work to make sure our kids have a safe environment to have fun, laugh, and learn about a God who loves them so much He sent His one and only Son Jesus!

—-> Contact Saera Alley to start the process.

HOSPITALITY TEAM – From the first time you visited Northstar we hope you were warmly welcomed and greeted as a part of our family.  Regardless of our growth, we hope everyone who comes to hang out with us will continue to feel the love from the people of Northstar.  We need folks who are willing to cultivate this type of culture.

—-> Contact Debbie Van Epp to find out more.

WORSHIP & TECH TEAM – Our growing worship team is always looking for more musically gifted folks willing to humbly help lead God’s people in worship, whether it is on stage through an instrument, or at the Front of House running the audio/video for the service.

—-> Contact Tyler Snavely to find out more.

MEMBER CARE TEAM – As a covenant member church, we want to cultivate a culture that prays, encourages, and supports one another consistently, whether it is sending cards, organizing meals for families in need, or helping administratively.

—-> Contact Mandy Farris to find out more.

For brief descriptions of expectations for some of the teams, click the following links:

  • SET UP & TEAR DOWN TEAM — the reality of meeting in a school is that we have to set up & tear down anything we use
  • CHILDREN’S MINISTRY— this is a vital arm of our ministry to reach local families (background check required)
  • Audio/video tech — this would include helping with sound, video presentation (no experience required)
  • Worship — an important element to our worship gatherings (audition & interview required)
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM — which includes:
    • Greeting Team — an easy way to play a very important role for our Sunday mornings
    • Followup — a behind the scenes opportunity involving writing cards to guests that visit on Sundays

If you have any further questions about these areas, let us know.  Thank you ahead of time for your stepping up to help us Be The Church.