This is a resource page mainly for members and regular attenders. We would never ask our guests to give financially unless the Lord directs you to. We believe that as followers of Christ, our generous giving through offerings and ministry support is an act of joyful obedience and loving worship.

Thank you for choosing to give to Northstar Church.  The vision is to BE the church as followers of Jesus who make followers of Jesus.  Giving is unique in that it is a discipline that helps you follow Jesus and provides resources to help others follow Jesus.  In other words, by giving you are actively participating in both parts of the vision.

Money is the frequent topic of conversation both in our lives and in scripture.  In 2 CORINTHIANS 8-9 Paul gives us three simple instructions in regards to our financial giving:

  1. Cheerful – We are excited to participate in what God is doing and desires to do.  The joy we exhibit when we give communicates the privilege we have to partner with God in this way.
  2. Sacrificial – Giving hurts, it means we go without something so that we might give to the mission of God.  We recognize that we cannot out-give God and that truth has been demonstrated on the cross when sacrificed for us.
  3. Regular – Giving is to be consistent because the mission we are is consistent.  Irregular giving is typically motivated by guilt rather than grace.  Regular giving helps us to remind ourselves of the mission we are on and purpose for not only our money but our lives.

Northstar Church is supported entirely by the generous giving of our membes and regular attenders.  Thank you again for partnering with Northstar Church as we live on mission together so that many might come to know and follow Jesus.


  1. Mail it in:
    • Northstar Pulaski 233 Broad St. Suite 3 Dublin, VA 24084
  2. Your Bank’s Online Bill Pay:
    • Most banks offer online bill pay free of charge
    • You can set up Northstar Church as a recurring or one-time payee, and then submit your donation through your online bank account
    • While this is certainly convenient, by allowing technology to serve you, don’t neglect the joy of sitting down and manually writing out that check on occasion.
      • In that simple “offline” process, you will experience the joy of generosity and blessing others
  3. Subsplash:
    • Subsplash is a fantastic service for churches and non-profits
    • We encourage you to set up an account with it (takes less than 3 minutes), and begin giving through our page there
    • Click HERE or text “be the church” to 1-888-364-GIVE.

                      Benefits of giving through Subsplash:

      • Online security
      • Set up a recurring gift so that you never forget to tithe
      • Set up email reminders
      • Accessible from your mobile phone, Facebook page or on the web

Be sure to download the Northstar Pulaski app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Then you can access your giving profile and records through the app.