How To Share God’s Story

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How To Share God’s Story: using the 3 circles

This guide is designed to equip followers of Jesus to share their faith by incorporating a tool called 3 circles evangelism. This tool provides a method of turning everyday conversations about brokenness into everyday conversations about Christ, with only a pen and a piece of paper.

Overview of 3 circles

  • This tool helps followers of Jesus to share the gospel using three simple circles:
    • (1) God’s Design
    • (2) Brokenness
    • (3) The Gospel
    • They also illustrate how accepting and submitting to Jesus will grow faith and lead to God’s perfect design
  • The method provides quick answers to common questions of faith:
    • What was GOD’s DESIGN?
    • How did we depart from God’s Design through SIN?
    • Can anyone escape BROKENNESS and what does BROKENNESS feel like?

Explaining the gospel using three Circles

1- Draw a circle and label it “Brokenness”. Draw several squiggly arrows out from it. The lines are like elastic cords; no matter how far away you try to get from brokenness, you will always end up back where you started. If they have not shared their story, you can share how you previously attempted to deal with your brokenness

  • Most people don’t need to be convinced that the world is broken
  • People often use relationships or substances to find healing for brokenness
    • They may pursue education, work, success, or money as a way to escape from life’s problems
    • They may even try religion or modifying their behavior in an attempt to fix things
  • The point here is to listen to their story and relate the circle that symbolizes brokenness to them (or you can share your story and how you tried to deal with your own brokenness)

Conversation Example: “We live in a world of brokenness, full of hurting people hurting each other. We try escaping brokenness by focusing on career, gaining money, overachieving, drugs, gambling, or alcohol. But all this just leads to greater brokenness. I overachieved, and had a long string of failed relationships. But in the end I just felt more pain.”


2- On the left, draw a second circle, and write “God’s Design” above

Conversation Example: “Brokenness was not God’s original design! God’s design was perfect, like Himself, with no brokenness present.” (Draw heart to symbolize God’s love).


3- Draw an arrow from God’s Design to Brokenness and label it “Sin”.

Conversation Example: “Each of us has rebelled against God and walked away from His perfect design. The Bible calls this sin, and this leaves us in brokenness. Are you familiar with the concept of sin? Do you see this in your own life?”


4-  Draw a third circle below and between the first two (forming an upside-down triangle of circles)

Conversation Example: “God saw we could not escape our brokenness on our own, so God demonstrated his love towards us!” Now draw a down-arrow below Jesus’ name inside the circle. “God sent Jesus to the earth. Jesus was perfect and lived a perfect life, because He was God.” Next draw a
cross next to the down-arrow. “He suffered a horrible death on a cross to take our sin upon Himself.” Next draw an up-arrow next to thecross. “Then Jesus rose again proving that He has power over death! He’s alive!”


5-  Draw a line from Brokenness to Jesus, draw a king’s crown and write “Repent (turn) & Believe (or follow)

Conversation Example: “Jesus tells all people to repent and turn from your sins. He also tells us to believe that He died for your sin and that God raised Him from the dead and to follow Jesus as king of your life. Jesus promises that if you do that you will be forgiven and restored back to God’s design!” 


6- Draw a line from Jesus to God’s Design and label it “Recover & Pursue.”

Conversation Example: “If we turn and believe in Jesus we can leave this world of brokenness and be restored into a relationship with God and pursue His design.”

7- Draw a line from God’s Design to Brokenness and write “Go” above it

Conversation Example: “More than that, God then sends us back into this “Brokenness” to tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ.”



8- After the Diagram is drawn 

Conversation Example: Ask them, “Where do you see yourself? Are you in God’s perfect design or are you currently in brokenness?”

(Their answer to this will help you understand where they see themselves in relation to God and give them an opportunity to respond to follow Jesus. This can be followed by your testimony.)