How to Share Your Story




We all love a good story.

Movies, books, Instagram and TV show us that stories touch us. Stories ​move ​us. For Christians, we have ​the greatest story to tell​. You may not think that your story matters, but it may just be the story that God uses to impact someone’s life for Jesus.

Telling your “God Story” is one of the most effective means of sharing your faith because, although a person can try to refute the validity of the Bible, they will have trouble denying the ​life change ​that following Jesus has brought about in your life.

This guide intends to help you share your story concisely, clearly and briefly. Work through each of the sections below. Try to share your story in less than 5 minutes. Then practice sharing your story with another Christian to help you gain comfort and confidence.

What’s yours?

Identify spiritual markers

  • What were moments, events, or people in your life that “nudged” you closer to faith.
  • How did God work in your life to help you understand how much He loved you?
  • Any spiritual marker can actually be expanded to become a single “God story.”

(For example, if you’re visiting with someone who has cancer, and you’ve had cancer, use that marker as a point of spiritual significance to share ​that ​story.)

Before you followed Jesus…

  • What was your life like before following Jesus?
    • What lies were you believing?
    • How did your life show that you were in rebellion against God or an aspect of truth?

(Example: I used to think that I had to please people in order to advance/be accepted, so that led to poor decisions and bad behavior at times..)

  • How did God bring you to the point of deciding to follow Him in faith?
    • What you chose to believe…
    • Explain how ​believing ​in the message about Jesus, and His Word in the Bible changed you.How did God’s truth contrast with the lie(s) you had believed?

(Example: I struggled with telling the truth, but after I became a follower of Jesus, I found that I loved telling the truth and was freed from​ ​thinking I had to lie or needed to lie.)

  • How did God’s forgiveness, love or mercy change you?

After you decided to follow Jesus…

  • After you chose to give your life to Jesus in faith, how has your life changed as a result?
    • Or how is it changing?
    • Did you make any significant life changes in response to what you sensed God telling you or convicting you about?
    • How has God brought joy, freedom, redemption, healed relationships, etc.?

The Wrap-Up

  • Thank them for listening. ​(“Thank you so much for letting me share my story with you. It’s humbling to get to do so.”)
    • Good questions are key to wrap up. After you share your story, consider one of these questions:
      • “Was there anything about my story that you want to ask me about?”
      • “What did you hear that intrigued you?
  • Be aware that God may use your story and this time to lead someone to trust Jesus
  • Be open to ​inviting t​ hem to consider trusting Jesus as their Lord

Other Considerations

  • Realize your story will change depending on who you’re talking to and the circumstances
  • Make sure your story is God-centered, not a “you” centered story
  • Be honest and don’t embellish your story
  • Be respectful of people you may talk about in your story
  • Don’t focus on a sensational past. Rather, focus on how you are ​currently ​growing in your relationship with Jesus and why you follow Him ​today​.
  • Use language that is plain to Christians and non Christians
    • example: don’t use words like sanctification


Revised Aug 2020