How We Do Life Together


“If there is so much blessing and joy even in a single encounter of brother with brother, how inexhaustible are the riches that open up for those who by God’s will are privileged to live in the daily fellowship of life with other Christians!” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Life Together)

Our 2020 Life Together group ‘on ramps’ are open.  Follow this link for group details and to fill out an interest form!

Life Together
 has been a concept of intentionally living in spiritual community for as long as…well…forever (think about the Trinity).  It is also a term we use to describe the various spaces of disciple making available within our local church and  surrounding community.

COMMUNITY SPACE (think of Jesus being among the crowds) — this space would be anything on a larger scale including block parties, park tours, GO Pulaski, and even our Sunday morning worship gatherings

SMALL GROUP SPACE (think of Jesus with the twelve disciples) — this is a smaller space ranging from 5-15 people who meet weekly to hang out, eat, pray, and open the Bible together to introduce the disciple making principles of life together

D28 SPACE (think of Jesus with Peter, James, and John) — D28 groups range from 2-5 people based on gender who meet regularly to focus on life, prayer, and God’s Word while cultivating accountability, transparency, and spiritual formation

PERSONAL SPACE (think of Jesus alone with the Father) — this is a space that we cannot overemphasize as disciples of Jesus. Life happens at 100+ mph for many of us and it is too easy to forget this space in our daily routine. Walking by the Spirit (GAL 5:16) can be cultivated by the other spaces but it has to happen when we consistently plan the time to get alone with the Father in prayer, Scripture reading, and other forms of spiritual discipline

MISSIONAL COMMUNITY SPACE — as relationships/accountability/love grow between people through other spaces, the MC Space becomes a tangible reality. This is where families and/or individuals begin to literally live life on mission together throughout the week and throughout our community.

Life was never intended to be lived alone.  As Bonhoeffer describes in his quote from the book Life Together, when we commit to life in community not only is it a privilege, there are inexhaustible riches that are opened up to us by the grace of God.  So as we pursue the calling as followers of Jesus Christ to make disciples who make disciples, may we enjoy life together along the journey!