Meadowview Work Project


meadowview work day

This coming Saturday, July 12, we will be partnering with the residents of the Meadowview Apartment Community to complete several onsite beautification projects.  From 9am until 2pm, we will be staining, cleaning, pruning, etc.

If you have any basic gardening tools (including work gloves), feel free to bring them, otherwise the materials will be provided.  We simply need hands & feet to help with the various projects.

We will also need a few folks to volunteer to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs, so you don’t feel comfortable painting/staining you can run the grill!  Don’t forget your sunscreen

The hope in our parternship with Meadowview is to build and cultivate relationships with residents that will one day lead to spiritual conversations centering on the gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email Jonathan Cheverton