Northstar Kids at Home 3/22

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I hope you all were able to tune in for the livestream. If not, you can watch it here.


Joy Joy Joy

This Little Light

What are some things you are thankful for?
What are some good things that are happening right now? What does it mean to have joy?
What does joy feel like?
How do we show love to others?
What are some ways we can love our neighbors this week?


Colossians 3:14
And over all these good things, put on love. Love holds them all together perfectly as if they were one.

    1. Make some cards to deliver to your neighbors
    2. Do this object lesson together.
    3. Create an Act of Kindness Jar (include acts where kids can love their family and neighbors)
    4. Play the Gratitude Game (use M&Ms, pieces of colored paper, etc. and let kids pick a color and answer according to the chart):
    5. Take a walk around your neighborhood. As you walk, pray together and thank God for the things you see on your walk and pray for your neighbors. You could even ask your neighbors how you can be praying for them as a family!
    6. Brainstorm some questions your child may be looking for the answer to or some topics your child may want to know more about and send them to Saera. We will hopefully address some of these in the weeks ahead.