Northstar Kids at Home 5/3/20

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Hey everyone!

Here is this week’s Bible Basics video.

This week, we’re learning about Baptism!


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I Will Follow

My Lighthouse


What is baptism?

When do people get baptized?

Why do people get baptized?

What questions do you have about baptism?


Romans 6:4

By being baptized, we were buried with Christ into his death. Christ has been raised from the dead by the Father’s glory. And life Christ we also can live a new life.


  1. Read Matthew 3:13-17 with your child. Talk about how Jesus set the example for us to be baptized. If you have been baptized, share with your child how you came to
    that decision and what has changed in your life since.
  2. Help your child make a list of other things Jesus did that sets an example for us
    (helping people, loving everyone, etc.).
  3. Ask your child if they remember what baptism represents. Read Romans 6:4 and talk
    about how Jesus died and rose to life and when we are baptized, we die to ourselves
    and raise to new life in Christ.
  4. When you’re driving with your child, see if they can tell you what different signs
    mean. Talk about how road signs are symbols to show what we should do while
  5. Make a baptism snack! Take blue food coloring and dye some frosting. Spread the frosting on a graham cracker and add two Teddy Grahams to represent Jesus and John the Baptist. As you make this snack, talk about Jesus being baptized and how he obeyed God and wants us to be baptized when we decide to follow him.