Easter 2017 — If It Is True We Can Never Be The Same Again

April 16, 2017 Bible Text: Luke 24:1-12 | Dave Farris Series: Easter Crowds gather on Easter Sunday across the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but is it true?  Did he literally and physically raise from the dead and walk out of a tomb?  Because if it did…if it is true…then it is all true. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon …

Book of Acts 19:21-40

April 9, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 19:21-40 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts The Word of God continued to increase and prevail in Ephesus.  As a result, a riot broke out in an effort to dismantle Paul and other followers of The Way. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Acts,Acts 19,Artemis,Evangelism,God,gospel,Idol,Jesus,Paul,Riot

Book of Acts 19:8-20

April 2, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 19:8-20 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Today’s passage from Acts 19 is full of miracles, exorcism, & book burning but the main point is to remember that God is in complete control and He is Sovereign over everything! Download FilesMP3NotesBulletin Sermon Topics: Confession,Ephesus,Exorcism,gospel,Holy Spirit,Miracles,Paul,Spiritual warfare

Book of Acts 19:1-7

March 26, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 19:1-7 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts In Acts 19, Paul confronts a group of men who were comfortable in their faith and yet did not even know about the life/death/burial/resurrection of Jesus, much less the Holy Spirit. Today we are challenged to examine the faith we claim to have with the same …

Book of Acts 18:18-28

March 19, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 18:18-28 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts In today’s passage we not only see evidence of Paul’s desire for personal spiritual formation, we also see the importance of discipleship in devoted followers like Apollos. Download FilesMP3NotesBulletin Sermon Topics: Apollos,Discipleship,Ephesus,Evangelism,gospel,Jesus,Paul

Book of Acts 18:1-17

March 12, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 18:1-17 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts This week we pick up with Paul in the sexual immoral city of Corinth.  He, just like us, had reached a tipping point of frustration, fatigue, and fear until having an encouraging reminder from Jesus. We need this reminder too! Download FilesMP3NotesBulletin Sermon Topics: anger,Corinth,Encouragement,Friends,Frustration,Paul,Prayer,Vision

Book of Acts 17:16-34

March 5, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 17:16-34 | Neal Nelson Series: Book of Acts What is your motivation to share the gospel?  That is the primary point in today’s message as we follow Paul to Athens, where he is provoked to begin sharing faith in Jesus because of the numerous idols that he discovered there. Download FilesMP3Bulletin Sermon Topics: Athens,Evangelism,Faith,gospel,Jesus,Paul

Book of Acts 17:1-15

February 26, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 17:1-15 | Brad Hanks Series: Book of Acts Brad Hanks picks up our journey through Acts as we find Paul and his missionary crew continuing to faithfully explain the gospel and explain how Jesus had to suffer and die for us.  Then we see how they persuaded others to a life of faith by …

Book of Acts 16:11-40

February 19, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 16:11-40 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts It is much easier in our culture to focus on fixing the external parts of our life without paying too much attention to what is going on inside. As we catch up with Paul in Acts 16, we see him obediently focusing on the heart of …

Book of Acts 15:36-16:10

February 12, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 15:36-16:10 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Although we naturally want to, we don’t have to know the whole picture…we just have to be willing to take one more step.  That is what we see as Paul sets off on his second missionary journey, but not before we find him and Barnabas parting …

Book of Acts 15 — Sola Gratia

February 5, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 15 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts As we get back to our journey through the Book of Acts, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in the history of the early church.  If the original church leaders and elders would not have held tightly to sound doctrine, the theological pillar of sola …

Devoted to a Life of Prayer (State of the Church 2017)

January 29, 2017 Bible Text: Romans 12:12 | Dave Farris Series: Prayer State of the Church We celebrate our 2017 State of the Church by wrapping up our series on Prayer.  Not only are we incredibly grateful for what the Lord did through the lives of Northstar in 2016, we expectantly look ahead and are challenged by the words of …