The Essence of the Gospel

October 25, 2015 Bible Text: Luke 15:11-32 | Dave Farris Series: Grasping the Gospel On our last week of the Grasping the Gospel series, we break down the parable of the Prodigal Son to understand the essence of the Gospel, which is to understand the heart of the Father.  Which character in the story does your life most relate to? …

The Work of the Gospel

October 18, 2015 Bible Text: Matthew 9:35-38 | Vince Oliveri Series: Grasping the Gospel In the next to last message of our Grasping the Gospel series, Vince unpacks what it looks like when our lives are changed by the gospel. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Compassion,gospel,Jesus,Pray

The Need For Gospel Renewal

October 4, 2015 Bible Text: Matthew 15 | Dave Farris Series: Grasping the Gospel Whether we acknowledge it or not, there is something wrong with our hearts. Through the tough and mundane, trials and despairs, we have a hard time knowing the joy that is the Gospel. We have a hard time living in the freedom of Christ. This is …

The Gospel Affects Everything

September 27, 2015 Bible Text: Acts 2:36-47 | Dave Farris Series: Grasping the Gospel In our second week of Grasping the Gospel, we look at how a true understanding of the hope we have in Jesus will impact every aspect of our lives. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Faith,gospel,Jesus,legalism,Relativism

The Gospel is Not Everything (Grasping the Gospel week 1)

September 20, 2015 Bible Text: John 3:1-21 | Dave Farris Series: Grasping the Gospel Christians are called to share to the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ with others.  The problem is the Gospel story varies depending on who you are hearing it from. In the first week of our “Grasping the Gospel” series we try to clarify what the Gospel is …