Book of Acts 26

August 31, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 26 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts In Acts 26, we see Paul give a detailed account of the gospel Good News of Jesus Christ before a hostile and faithless crowd.  From his passionate speech we also glean six questions that will hopefully compel us to completely surrender our lives to the amazing …

Book of Acts 21:1-16

May 7, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 21:1-16 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Today we unpack a passage in Acts 21 that unveils a glimpse of biblical community, the reality of prophecy, and the challenge that comes with a life of obedience. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Church,community,Faith,Jesus,Mission,Obedience,Paul,Prophecy

Book of Acts 10:1-43

September 18, 2016 Bible Text: Acts 10:1-43 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts When Peter, prompted by the Holy Spirit, obediently went to see Cornelius little did he know how eternally impacting the visit would be.  Not only do we see the Kingdom of God opened up to the world of the Gentiles (which includes most of us today), …

Book of Acts 9:7-31

August 29, 2016 Bible Text: Acts 9:7-31 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Throughout the Book of Acts, we see consistent patterns of obedience lived out by followers who had experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Belief,Faith,gospel,Jesus,Obedience,Prayer,Saul

How Will Your Faith Be Demonstrated?

August 7, 2016 Bible Text: Acts 1-8 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Before jumping back in after taking the summer off, we wanted to take some time to recap the first 8 chapters of Acts.  The obedience, prayer, and unity of the early church clearly demonstrated the faith they claimed to have.  The challenge for us is how …

The Cost of Discipleship

July 24, 2016 Bible Text: Mark 8:27-38 | Dave Farris Series: Think To Change Belief in who Jesus really is an important first step.  That belief should also compel us into following Him.  This message focuses on the familiar but challenging words Jesus gives to anyone who would claim to follow Him. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Cross,Disciple,Discipleship,Faith,Follow,God,Jesus,Mark,Obedience,Paul,Rebuke

Book of Acts — Acts 1:12-26

February 7, 2016 Bible Text: Acts 1:12-26 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Even before Pentecost, we see how the early Christians not only anchored their lives in prayer but we also see how their trust & faith led to a life of incredible obedience. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Acts,Devotion,Jesus,Obedience,Peter,Prayer,Trust,Unity

The Basis, Heart, & Rhythm of Prayer

November 8, 2015 Bible Text: Matthew 6:5-15 | Vince Oliveri Series: Stand alone Using the example given by Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer, Vince emphasizes the importance of prayer in the lives of believers. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Church,disciples,Faith,Jesus,Obedience,Prayer

Think to Change: Purity

August 9, 2015 Bible Text: 1 Peter 1:13-16 | Dave Farris Series: Think To Change In the final week of our Think to Change series for this summer, we look at 1 Peter to hear God’s call for us to become pure people that pleases and honors Him in both our public lives and in the privacy of our own …

Love Jesus; Receive the Helper

April 6, 2014 Bible Text: John 14:15-30 | Dave Farris Series: John If we love Jesus, we will obey His commandments. What is your perception of what these commandments are? And what is the fruit in your life to show the love you have for Jesus? The encouraging thing is this; He will send us a Helper forever! We are …