Book of Acts 28

September 11, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 28 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts After going into detail describing theology, life changing sermons, incredible miracles, & perilous journeys Luke seems to leave readers with a curious to be continued… at the end of his letter to Theophilus. As we wrap up our journey through Acts, we try to answer the …

Book of Acts 27

September 5, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 27 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Paul’s voyage to Rome was anything but relaxing.  Even though there may not deep theological truths to unpack, there were plenty of reasons Luke decided to include the trip as part of God’s inerrant Word. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Encouragement,Faith,gospel,Jesus,Paul,Rome,wisdom

Book of Acts 26

August 31, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 26 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts In Acts 26, we see Paul give a detailed account of the gospel Good News of Jesus Christ before a hostile and faithless crowd.  From his passionate speech we also glean six questions that will hopefully compel us to completely surrender our lives to the amazing …

Book of Acts 25

August 20, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 25 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts How often do we cry out, “That’s not fair!” when our expectations are not met?  The reality is, often times life is not fair.  How do we, as Christ followers, react and handle things that are not fair?  In today’s often overlooked passage in Acts 25, …

Book of Acts 24:22-27

August 13, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 24:22-27 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts In Acts 24, Paul is on trial before Felix, the Roman governor. Felix is a compelling example of someone with spiritual curiosity that never leads to spiritual commitment. What does it mean for a person to have saving faith? Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Faith,Jesus,Paul,Repentance,salvation

Book of Acts 23:12-24:21

August 6, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 23:12-24:21 | Darrell Cook Series: Book of Acts This message from Acts 23:12-24:21 examines Paul’s dtermined faith to share Jesus even from prison. His courage is a model for our own. In spite of appearances, Paul is not sidelined in prison, but God uses his faith to spread the Gospel through the writing of …

Think to Change: Walking By The Spirit

July 2, 2017 Bible Text: Galatians 5:16-17 | Dave Farris Series: Think To Change This Sunday we look at a reminder the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Galatia who were struggling with with their freedom in Christ.  Modern day Christian also need reminders to walk by the Spirit…so we do not gratify our selfish desires. Download FilesMP3 Sermon …

Think to Change: Assurance

June 18, 2017 Bible Text: Romans 8:13-16 | Dave Farris Series: Think To Change Continuing on the theme of salvation in our summer Think to Change series, we are reminded in Romans that one role of the Holy Spirit is to remind us of our salvation through the blood of Jesus. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Assurance,Faith,Grace,Holy Spirit,Jesus,Paul,salvation

Book of Acts 22:22-23:11

May 21, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 22:22 – 23:1 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Everyone has a tipping point.  That moment where you have had enough and lose control, if only for a moment.  In today’s passage we see such a moment in the life of Paul.  We also see his humble reaction and the importance of encouragement …

Book of Acts 21:17 – 22:21

May 14, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 21:7 – 22:21 | Jeff Noble Series: Book of Acts Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: Acts,Faith,Jesus,Mission,Paul

Book of Acts 21:1-16

May 7, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 21:1-16 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Today we unpack a passage in Acts 21 that unveils a glimpse of biblical community, the reality of prophecy, and the challenge that comes with a life of obedience. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Church,community,Faith,Jesus,Mission,Obedience,Paul,Prophecy

Book of Acts 20:17-38

April 30, 2017 Bible Text: Acts 20:17-38 | Dave Farris Series: Book of Acts Legacies are important.  In Acts 20, we catch a glimpse of the incredible legacy Paul left with the Ephesian Church and are challenged with what we will be known for by our family, neighbors, and co-workers. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Elders,Ephesians,Ephesus,Jesus,Legacy,Lord’s Supper,Paul