Stay Connected Through COVID-19


For the next several months, the entire world will be learning how to navigate ‘the new normal’ of social distancing throughout this Pandemic.  It is a season, like no other we have experienced, and followers of Jesus should be adamantly praying and seeking ways to continue living life on mission for the glory of God.

And despite the hurt, pain, anger, fear, and frustration many are experiencing, we should be grateful for not only our hope in Jesus (which is enough); we also get to enjoy the benefit of technology that can help us maintain some sense of connectedness, despite social distancing.

So, our staff and leadership have been working tirelessly over the past couple of weeks learning new ways of communicating so we can continue equipping the saints for the work of ministry, and providing new ways of Life Together!

We will post a weekly calendar on this page (and other resources) to give you multiple options of spiritual encouragement, equipping, and mobilization for this new normalIf you need prayer, support, resources, or ways to help…please reach out and ask!


  • Northstar Facebook Page
    • Lunchtime online bible studies (Mon-Fri from 12:10-12:50)
    • Weekend Worship Livestream (Saturdays at 7pm)
    • NRV Life on Mission podcast stream (Thursdays at noon)
    • other online resources will be posted and shared on our FB page


  • Crossway
    • This is a free subscription to Crossway (ESV bible study resources)