Saturday Seminary: Creation Apologetics

Dave Farris News, Saturday Seminary

— Have you ever been told that “science” and “the Bible” are incompatible?
— Did you know that there is proof that the creation account written in Genesis is in fact how everything came to be?
As a believer in Jesus Christ, we are instructed to defend our faith (1 Peter 3:15). However, many of us feel inadequate, unsure or insecure about how to defend our faith against the onslaught of science. Come and discover that not only are science and the Bible compatible, but that science actually proves the Bible to be correct.
On Saturday, March 16, we will look at the scientific evidence(s) that prove the Creation account in Genesis.
We will also look at several ways for us to stand for our faith and be a light that shines on the truth that the bible is. 
So, if you have never heard Creation Apologetics or would like to learn that you can affirm and defend your faith in a scientific, rational way, we encourage you to RSVP and hang out with us from 9-11:30am at the  Northstar Church Pulaski Office .
You can RSVP by confirming on our Facebook event page, or by