Saturday Seminary: How To Tell Your Story


Saturday Seminary: How To Tell Your Faith Story

If you have truly experienced the grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ, then you have been brought from death to life!  Regardless of how shocking or how boring you believe it is, the truth is you have an incredible story to tell.

Not only that, if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, we are commanded to tell our story and help lead others, by God’s grace, to have a similar life changing, eternally altering encounter with our risen Savior.  The reality is, however, many of us feel inadequate, insecure, unsure, or simply don’t care about sharing our faith story and how our life has changed since.

On Saturday July 22, we will take a look at the biblical mandate for Christ followers to share our faith.  We will also look at several (out of countless) ways for us to be a light that reflects the spiritual journey we are on.  So, whether you have never shared your faith story with anyone or would consider yourself an evangelist, we encourage you to RSVP and hang out with us from 9-11am at the Northstar Church Pulaski Office.

You can RSVP by confirming on our Facebook event page, or by emailing