Although the Sunday morning experience is invaluable to your spiritual growth, getting connected at the small group level will also strengthen and encourage you as we do life together


Why Small Groups:

Small groups are where ministry takes place, relationships develop, and people are encouraged and supported. Small groups give us an opportunity – no matter how “big” Northstar gets in our gatherings – to be “small” together.

In our small groups, you will study the Bible, experience prayer, make some of your closest friends and reach out to others in both service and sharing so that they too might experience the love of Christ through us.



Our next small group session will begin in early February.  We will have at least 3 small groups meeting this Spring:

If you are interested in our current small groups, please fill out our Small Group Interest Form

*Childcare will be available at as many of our sites as possible, but please let the group leader know ahead of time to confirm the need for a sitter.


We have four pillars our small groups are built on:

  • Love. Small groups enable us to practice obedience by loving one another and our guests. We discover ways that we can help each other be all that God intended us to be.
  • Learn. We intentionally study the Bible and seek to apply God’s Word to our daily living. We may use Christian books, material or curriculum, but we choose carefully so that we’ll be instructed in godly living.
  • Serve. Our small groups minister together. Each group is always seeking ways to “be the church” in our communities. By serving one another and together, we grow in our faith and practice.
  • Reach. We want to be obedient to Jesus Christ and experience the joy of helping others find forgiveness in Him and follow His teachings. So we have an outward focus, always seeking to lead new people to Christ.



Each summer all of our small groups converge for BIG Small Group.  We meet weekly in a shelter at Randolph Park (Dublin) from 6-8pm.  Each week we not only allow plenty of time to catch up on life, we break off into smaller discussion groups after an organized lesson that encourages/equips/compels us in our relationship with Jesus.

 Small Group Leader Weekly Update