Family devotion & activity options to center our hearts on Christ during the holiday season
A Visual Theology Advent Reading Calendar For Your Family - Tim Challies (family) - Here is some Visual Theology that is both new and seasonal: An Advent reading calendar! By using this colorful calendar, you and your family can read your way toward Christmas. It includes daily readings from December 1 - 24, with a “focus verse” for each day. It proceeds from The Need for a Savior, to The Promise of a Savior, to The Wait for a Savior, to The Birth of a Savior.
Good News of Great Joy - John Piper (personal) - These 25 brief devotional readings run from December 1 through Christmas Day. Our prayer is that God would use these readings to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus this December and keep him as the center and greatest treasure of your Christmas season. The candles and candies have their place, but we want to make sure that in all the Christmas rush and hubbub we adore Jesus above all.
Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus - Good Morning Girls (family) - In this ebook you’ll see daily readings to read to and with your children. We’ve also provided simple daily family activities to help us remember who and why we are celebrating Christmas! Please remember all family activities are optional and are only listed to help provide you with ideas of things to do with your family this Christmas!
Advent: The Whole Story - Paul David Tripp (personal/family) - If you start the Christmas story with the baby in the manger in Bethlehem, you will miss key elements of the narrative that make all the difference in your understanding. This resource includes four short Advent devotionals, accompanied by Reflection Questions that can be used personally, for your family devotion time, or with a small group or Bible Study.
Preparing the Way for Jesus - Focus on the Family (artistic) - This Advent calendar celebrates our relationships with people and provides a simple way to be the hands and feet of Jesus to neighbors, friends and relatives. Reach out to those around you with a homemade Christmas card that you and your children make together as you commemorate Christ’s birth and encourage others in God’s hope. Each day also includes a devotion that your family can read together at meals to remember the messengers, prophets, obedient servants and celebrants that God used to prepare the way for His Son’s moment on earth.
ADVENT - The Village Church (family/personal) - This guide serves as an introduction to the Advent season to awaken the angst of waiting, longing and yearning for Christ. The hope is to feel the ancient angst of Israel and allow that to inform our own anticipation. The guide consists of five weeks of material with each week containing a personal devotional, group devotional and family devotional.
The Christmas Journey - Austin Stone (family) - Each day in this booklet, there is a picture for your children to color each day along with a Bible story for you to read together.  Our hope is that in reading stories from the entirety of the Bible, your family will see together that the coming of Jesus was prophesied and anticipated long before His arrival, and that the Christmas story does not begin with Mary and Joseph, but begins in Genesis 3.

Family Advent Guide - Lifeway Kids (family) - This guide is designed to help you
point your family toward the Savior throughout this holiday season. Use these devotions, activities, and discussion questions as you celebrate the birth of Christ with your kids.