Below are several devotions for you to pursue Jesus this Advent season:

Personal -- Adult -- Daily 
As we anticipate Christmas and remember the arrival of Jesus, come and see how the Light of the World changes everything. So wherever you need light most in your life this Advent season, we pray this 23-day journey through the Gospel of John will remind you of the hope, safety and belonging found in Jesus — the Light in the darkness.
THE WEARY WORLD REJOICES (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
Personal or Group -- Adult -- Weekly
Even though the Advent season typically brings joy and lots of Christmas carols, maybe this year has been hard for you. It might be difficult to feel that “thrill of hope” you usually sing about.  Being weary is a perfectly acceptable place to approach Advent.  Advent exists to remind us that, while darkness surrounds us and troubles exist, the hope of Christmas isn’t far away.  As you acknowledge that this hurting world is in need of real hope, you’ll have eyes to see this season through the same lens as the people waiting for a Messiah thousands of years ago.
Personal or Group/Family -- Adult or Kids -- Daily
Here is some Visual Theology that is both new and seasonal: An Advent reading calendar! By using this colorful calendar, you and your family can read your way toward Christmas. It includes daily readings from December 1 - 24, with a “focus verse” for each day. It proceeds from The Need for a Savior, to The Promise of a Savior, to The Wait for a Savior, to The Birth of a Savior.
Personal -- Adult -- Daily 
These 25 brief devotional readings run from December 1 through Christmas Day. Our prayer is that God would use these readings to deepen and sweeten your adoration of Jesus this December and keep him as the center and greatest treasure of your Christmas season. The candles and candies have their place, but we want to make sure that in all the Christmas rush and hubbub we adore Jesus above all.
Family -- Weekly devos with daily activities
The weeks leading up to Christmas, Advent, are a special time for God's people to join together in anticipation of Christ's birth. We at Kids Corner hope this Gifts of Kindness Advent calendar activity and devotional will help you not only count down the days until Christmas, but also prepare your hearts for the greatest of gifts, Jesus Christ.
AN ADVENT JOURNEY (Focus on the Family): 
Personal or Family -- Daily devotions
This Advent calendar celebrates our relationships with people and provides a simple way to be the hands and feet of Jesus to neighbors, friends and relatives. Reach out to those around you with a homemade Christmas card that you and your children make together as you commemorate Christ’s birth and encourage others in God’s hope. Each day also includes a devotion that your family can read together at meals to remember the messengers, prophets, obedient servants and celebrants that God used to prepare the way for His Son’s moment on earth.
Family -- Weekly with crafts
It’s the most wonderful time of year, but it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to help families in your ministry set aside intentional time to connect this season.  This free Family Advent Guide will guide families through weekly readings, discussions, and activities that will help them focus on Jesus throughout the holidays, celebrating the greatest gift of all!
GO and TELL (Frontier Fellowship):  
Personal or Group/Family -- Adult -- daily devotions using songs to tell the story of Jesus 
Around the world, music is a significant part of Advent and the Christmas season. From the ancient hymns of the early Church to the contemporary songs created by today’s global Church, music helps us find expression for our worship. We remember Christ’s birth and await His second coming. Our music resonates through the centuries as we live between the already and the not yet, the come and the coming.

Go deeper into the music of the season this year during Advent. Some of the songs will be very familiar; others may be new to you. We invite you to see God at work in your life and also discover glimpses of His work on the frontier. For thousands of people, this Christmas may be the first they can truly understand and celebrate Christ’s coming. We pray each day will bring insight, hope and joy to your Advent reflections and deepen your understanding of and love for the world’s least-reached people.