We define a DISCIPLE as someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of Jesus (MATTHEW 4:9)

We define DISCIPLE MAKING as entering relationships to help people trust and follow Jesus, which includes the whole process from conversion through maturation and multiplication (MATTHEW 28:18-20)

We deeply value the mission to make disciples who make disciples as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission.  Therefore, we also realize the need and responsibility to equip the saints for the work of ministry.

Below are the environments we use to encourage and equip followers of Jesus to live a life on mission for the glory of God as they abide in Him personally and invite others along the way
Learn more about and get connected in our disciple making 'spaces'
Get into a daily rhythm of reading the Word of God 
Learn a quick and easy way to share the story of the 'Good News' of Jesus
Learn how to incorporate and share your faith journey

Personal practices and communal rhythms to live on mission for the glory of God

At the core of this journey is the need to be transformed by Jesus as Lord of your life.  With Jesus as Lord, we are then compelled by the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to live on mission.  Living on mission can then cultivate community with both believers and non-believers in your life.

ABIDE in Jesus ➡️ in John 15, Jesus calls us to abide in Him.  This practice helps to keep our hearts and minds in alignment with our Savior through regular time reading the Word, praying, resting, and other spiritual habits.  
  • What does abiding look like in your life?
  • What do daily rhythms of reading the Word, praying, practicing spiritual habits, etc look like recently?
  • How can you be encouraged on this journey?

DEUTERONOMY 6:5-9; JOHN 15:4-5; GALATIANS 5:16-17; PSALM 143:5; PSALM 46:10; 1 TIMOTHY 4:7-8; PHILIPPIANS 4:6–7; PSALM 34:8; JOSHUA 22:5

LOVE practically and unconditionally ➡️ in Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells a story to describe how we should love our neighbor unconditionally with mercy and grace.  There are countless creative ways to model this.  
  • Who do you need to forgive or express mercy and grace toward? 
  • Is there someone you are angry with or are avoiding that you need to take a step of restoration toward?
  • How have you demonstrated a tangible act of love recently?  How long has it been?

LUKE 10:25-37; MARK 12:31; MATTHEW 18:15-17; COLOSSIAN 3:13; EPHESIAN 4:32; GALATIANS 6:1; 1 PETER 4:8-9; HEBREWS 13:17

INVEST in someone relationally  ➡️ in Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus makes it clear that everyone of his followers should live on mission to make disciples. This happens best by investing in relationships, where you can learn and share stories.  
  • Who is God putting on your heart to invest in this week?  
  • Who are you praying for? Who do you need to call/text/visit this week?
  • Who needs to hear your story?  Whose story do you need to hear?

MATHEW 28:18-20; ROMANS 14:19 (NLT); LUKE 14:23 (ESV); HEBREWS 10:25; PHILEMON 6 (AMP); 1 CORINTHIANS 16:2; EPHESIANS 4:29

CONFESS humbly and regularly ➡️ in James 5:16, we learn that confession should be a common practice among followers of Jesus as a way to pray for one another (and be healed).  It not only helps us in our spiritual journey, it also cultivates humility and transparency..  
  • Confession could be as simple as an apology, or as complex as admitting deep seated sin. Is there something you need to confess?  
  • To whom do you need to confess?
  • How can you become more transparent and authentic as a follower of Jesus?

JAMES 5:16; PHILIPPIANS 2:3-4, 7; 1 JOHN 1:6-9; ACTS 3:19; JAMES 4:6-10; COLOSSIANS 3:12

PARTY/SERVE together ➡️ two ways to prayerfully and strategically engage with people on mission is to serve and party with them.  The rhythms are consistently modeled by Jesus throughout his life on earth.  Get creative and have fun as you go.
  • Who are you trying to invest in, and how?
  • What needs to be planned to connect relationally to and/or model the gospel for?
  • What are the next steps to get something mobilized?

ACTS 2:42; MATTHEW 18:20; HEBREWS 10:25; ACTS 4:31; 1 CORINTHIANS 5:40

WORSHIP together ➡️ Regardless of when/where/how many, this spiritual rhythm can give us a glimpse of Heaven on earth.  Worship can be singing together, reading scripture, sharing stories, practicing the “one anothers”, and/or can occur in dozens of other ways as two or more gather with our hearts and minds centered on Jesus.
  • Have you read a passage or devotion recently that has stirred your heart and mind toward Christ?
  • Is there a song you cannot get out of your head that moves you toward Christ?
  • Have you had a conversation with anyone recently where you knew without a doubt God orchestrated?

MATTHEW 9:10-12; MATTHEW 22:1-14; GALATIANS 5:13; MARK 10:45; 1 CORINTHIANS 9:19-23

GROW together ➡️ growing spiritually is a lifelong process.  God gave us Himself in the Holy Spirit.  He gave us His Word.  He gave us prayer.  And yet, He also gave us each other to live life together on mission, sharpening each other along the way with rhythms such as mentoring, accountability, encouragement, discipline, etc.
  • Who do you have in your life for authentic spiritual accountability?
  • Who do you consider a spiritual mentor?  Do you have someone who is discipling you?
  • Who are you investing in spiritually as a disciple maker to make other disciples?
  • Is this a consistent focus of prayer?

EPHESIANS 4:11-12; 1 PETER 4:10; 1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-26; COLOSSIANS 1:28-29; 1 PETER 2:9-10; 1 PETER 4:10

MULTIPLY together ➡️ healthy things grow to the point of multiplying.  At some point along our journey, we need to step out sacrificially in faith and obedience to blaze new trails and start new rhythms for the sake of making more disciples.
  • Are you praying about what mission looks like in your life? A person, a calling, etc?
  • What needs to happen for you to step out on the mission God is putting in your heart through conviction, encouragement, passion, calling, etc?
  • Have you told anyone?

MATTHEW 28:18-20; ACTS 1:8; ROMANS 10:14-15; ROMANS 12:1; 1 THESSALONIANS 1:4-7; 2 TIMOTHY 2:1-2

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