What is a Micro Church?

Definitions can vary depending on the ministry, but for us, we define a micro church as --
Followers of Jesus gathered together to worship God, study the Scriptures, pray, and fellowship in community under the eldership of Northstar Pulaski.

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On the first Sunday of every month, we will be together for a “Family Worship” gathering to worship and celebrate together. Download the App for the next location
On the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Sundays, smaller gatherings of people (between 8-20 adults) will meet in homes throughout our community to worship together.  The songs, sermon, and Lord’s Supper will be streamed online via our website, Facebook, YouTube, phone and TV apps*.  
Each site will have dedicated hosts and leaders to help you immediately get acquainted and feel welcomed from the moment you step inside.

Following the streamed part of the worship, each micro church will have a chance to debrief and process the message together.  We encourage you to hang around and pour yourself into the discussion.  This is one of the ways our personal and corporate pursuit of Jesus will be catapulted.

Our vision behind Micro Churches?

Check out this video from our pastor, Dave Farris. He provides the heart and vision that God laid on his heart in the summer of 2020.

How to approach a Micro Church?

Here are some insights for you to consider before coming to hang out in one of our micro churches.
During the Summer months (June - August) we will meet corporately every week at the Baptist Campground at Claytor Lake.
4337 Towes Ferry Rd. Dublin, VA 24084 
Follow the Northstar Pulaski signs to the end of Towes Ferry Road
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I still have more questions:

Ever since unveiling Northstar Pulaski’s call to a micro church model in Fall of 2020, we have been inviting people to freely ask questions about this direction, which sounds radical to anyone who has grown up in a traditional church model.  We hope the information above will help you gain more understanding about what our rhythm looks like, how the benefits can far outweigh the sacrifices, and more importantly how this will serve as a catalyst for our spiritual growth as disciples who make disciples.

If you still have questions, we invite you to reach out on one of our social media pages or via email at office@northstarpulaski.org

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