What is a Micro Church?

We believe the irreducible minimum set of values to be considered a healthy and effective church, as seen and described in the Bible, is
Jesus 🔄 Mission 🔄 Community

Wherever and whenever these core DNA functions are working in balance, we see the church of Jesus Christ living out its purpose

How Micro Churches coexist as a larger local church?

FAMILY WORSHIP At least once a month all of our micro churches gather to share stories, pray, worship, commune, and eat together.  These gatherings usually focus on celebrating everything God is doing, vision casting, and fellowship.

MICRO CHURCH WORSHIP : When we don't gather collaboratively, our micro churches (anywhere from 6 to 30+ people) gather for the same purposes (share stories, pray, worship, commune, and eat together).  Discovery Bible Study plays a large role in the relational depth and spiritual growth of our micro church families.

SERVE/PARTY : Mission is a critical component individually as followers of Jesus, as well as corporately as the called-out assembly.  Every month with a fifth Sunday weekend is dedicated as an opportunity for our Micro Churches to be prayerfully intentional and strategic to connect with people for the sake of mission: to make disciples of Jesus.

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Our vision behind Micro Churches?

Check out this video from our pastor, Dave Farris. He provides the heart and vision that God laid on his heart in the summer of 2020.

Are Micro Churches biblical?

For many, their personal experiences with 'church' do not resemble what we read about the Church in the Bible

I still have more questions:

Ever since unveiling Northstar Pulaski’s call to a micro church model in Fall of 2020, we have been inviting people to freely ask questions about this direction, which sounds radical to anyone who has grown up in a traditional church model.  We hope the information above will help you gain more understanding about what our rhythm looks like, how the benefits can far outweigh the sacrifices, and more importantly how this will serve as a catalyst for our spiritual growth as disciples who make disciples.

If you still have questions, we invite you to reach out on one of our social media pages or via email at office@northstarpulaski.org

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