"If you want to see God, read your Bible." -- John Piper

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As believers in Jesus Christ, a consistent time reading the Word of God is one of the primary practices -- or disciplines -- that, by God's grace, can put us in a posture of seeing God and understanding His divine will for our lives.

We invite you to join us on an annual journey of reading through the Bible. If that seems too ambitious to you, simply make a start by reading something in God's word every day. To help you on that journey, you will find links below to a selection of Bible-reading plans. Follow us on Facebook for weekly memory verses and opportunities to collaborate with others for monthly deep dives into the Word of God.

New suggested options for for 2023
  1. Bible Journaling Plan -- Several of us took on the Bible journaling plan for 2022 and memorized Psalm 89. To continue the journaling experience with a new context, we have chosen the Sermon on the Mount for 2023. Be sure to join Seeing God: Practicing the Spiritual Discipline of Daily Bible Reading page on Facebook, where you will receive weekly reminders and helpful tips.
  2. One Year Immersion Plan -- You've been following a reading plan every year since we started, right? Reading for a new challenge? Try this plan. It will take you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament three times this year. 
  3. Daily Audio Bible -- Need to "read" while you are driving to work? Here's the perfect solution. This plan is one that reads to you. So listen in the car or listen and follow along at home.

If none of these plan are exactly what you are looking for, try one from Bible Study Tools.